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As part of the strong commitment to its customers and to the industry, Franco Tosi Meccanica provides a wide range of consultancy services to its clients, especially after-sales services. Part of the continued support to the client includes training courses and optimization programs for the personnel in charge of the operation and maintenance of plants. We also provide feasibility studies and optimization analysis as well as technical, economic and financial information required for investment evaluation.

Re-powering and refurbishing services

In today’s market, rapidly-changing technology creates a need for refurbished machinery and turbines. Owners of steam turbines now need to retrofit their turbines with modern control platforms, providing the flexibility to meet the demands of the market. With retrofitted control systems, machines are more efficient and reliable, and maintenance costs are reduced.

Overhauling and maintenence (LTSA)

Our Industrial turbines are subjected to field-tests and built to withstand high stress. Some of our top features include:
• Tilting pad type journal bearing for high speed turbines and self-equalizing thrust bearing.
• Sturdily built control stages to withstand high stresses due to partial admission operation at low loads.
• Successfully field testes standardized components such as blades, journal and thrust bearings, seals, valves and couplings.

Operation flexibility

Franco Tosi Meccanica provides full after-sales service for all clients, including short notice emergency and front-end support. After-sales services include planned and spare emergency,diagnostics, performance evaluation, repairs, overhauls, and engineered upgrades. Spare parts for all FTM-manufactured as well as Westinghouse technology can also be supplied.

Services in middle east

Due to the strong presence of FTM in Middle East area, service activities in Middle East and Iraq are followed through our service partner S.I. Consortium, Jordan local Company whose contacs are available at the following link.

Services in Middle East